About Us

ROHDE KG specializes in coatings used on walls and ceilings that meet high quality and performance standards. More than 40 years of experience and reputable references prove our expertise worldwide.

Reliability, durability and high efficiency are the basis for this long-term success. While in the past our products were mainly used in the health sector - such as in clinics for nuclear medicine, in operating theatres, ICU areas and isolation rooms - the next generation of coatings has quickly found its way into a variety of applications in “hygienic” and “clean” areas. Today, our products are not only used in high-risk laboratories, in GMP and GLP areas, but also in clean rooms of many research organizations and universities.

Properties such as pore-free surfaces, easy decontamination, chemical resistance - in particular the resistance to disinfectants - and the high mechanical resistance of our products convince planners, architects and users. In particular, the resistance to H2O2 vapor disinfection plays an increasingly important role, among other properties.

The development of new compound coatings and coating systems that do not allow colonization of microorganisms, and at the same time are free of solvents and questionable ingredients, provide a further milestone in this direction. During daily operation there are no harmful emissions, and a reduction in the consumption of chemicals and of labour costs are additional benefits for the users.

Protection of the environment and resources holds particularly high priority in our philosophy. We document this with the certification according to ISO 14001. Synonymously we also want to provide a high standard of development, consulting expertise and product quality, which is evidenced by the ISO 9001 certification.