Serie 400


2-component polyurethane-coating

solvent-free - waterbased



  • Certified performance attestation of resistance to disinfectants

  • Certified performance attestation on decontamination properties

  • Impervious to blood stains

  • UV Resistance

  • Non reflective due to a dull matt finish coating

  • High scruff resistance

  • Environmentally friendly

  • useable universally

  • Extensive range of color schemes

  • Economically attractive

  • Chemical resistance

Fields of application:

  • Hospitals, especially operating theatres, laser operating suites, intensive & heavy dependence units: nuclear medicine facilities and other clean-room areas.

  • Surfaces meeting the strict regulations set in the German Federal Contagious Disease Law Control

  • Laboratories including clean room facilities

  • GMP und GLP areas

  • Hygienic facilities

  • Doctor's practices

  • Food processing Plants

  • Blood banks