Serie 200


1-component acrylate-coating

universal - waterbased - envionmentally friendly


Protection from mould and bacteria infection on walls and ceilings

Health hazards are present once micro-organisms are dormant and are multiplying on walls.

Today's protection systems require a conceptual change as it is preventing the base for growth rather than poisoning micro-organisms, which should be the primary solution to the problem. This protection is obtained owing to an innovative component in our FINISH FB.

No emissions occur and a risk to both humans and animals in such areas is therefore not to be expected.


  • easy application
  • further chemistry not required
  • free from dangerous emissions
  • high coverage capacity
  • scruff resistance as per DIN 53 778
  • wet abrasion resistance calss 1 as per DIN EN 13 300
  • avaiable in 2 gloss grades and in a wide range of colours

Fields of application:

  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories & Production Clean Rooms
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Bathrooms
  • Changing Rooms
  • Wet Areas
  • Restaurants
  • Toilets


  • long lasting efficacy
  • protection in areas irrespective of difficulty in reaching them
  • no influence on the surface characteristics(gloss, colour schade and structure)
  • length of time between disinfection cycles is greater